“To The Faithful Departed 25th Anniversary” to be released before Xmas

September 6, 2021  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Earlier today during their facebook event to commemorate what would have been Dolores’ 50th birthday, The Cranberries announced quite out of the blue, the release of “To The Faithful Departed 25th Anniversary” for the end of the year, before Christmas.

For now they gave very few information about the content except that it will include 3 demos done in Paris with Tim Palmer (audio engineer / record producer) when they were in the middle of a tour.

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3 Responses to “To The Faithful Departed 25th Anniversary” to be released before Xmas

  1. Günter S.

    They also said the songs for the album were rerecorded. not too sure about that, sorry for my English, but I guess it means remastered, just like the other 25th anniversary box sets right?

  2. Girl

    How beautiful! Like most people, I got to know the Cranberries on the No need to argue record. To the Faithfull Deparded was the first album I waited for the release. I already knew Free to decide and my beloved I’m still remembering performed during MTV unplugged. How much I loved songs like The rebels, Joe, Cordell and Will you remember, as well as all the others. One of the records from my youth, which I learned to play on the guitar. Deep memories.

  3. Xaby

    How great, what an anecdote that they recorded three demos of ‘To The Faithfull Departed’ with Tim Palmer (U2, Tears For Fears, The Cure …), apart from the well-known B-sides, it would be cool if they included the versions that were going to be recorded with Bruce Fairbairn of ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ and ‘False’ if they got to play them in the studio as well as the demo of ‘Dying inside’. But whatever they include, it will be a very special 25th anniversary box. An album that Dolores dedicated to the deceased loved ones of her and the sad part of her is that she is part of her now with all of them and the one that we will always remember.


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