“Salvation inspired by The Cranberries” pushed back for the second time (UPDATED 3x)

November 5, 2021  |  12 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The album was supposed to be released today but was pushed back to 12 November as mentioned on towerrecords.ie

Same for all streaming platforms.

Might be due to Adele’s new LP pressing that is currently triggering shortage – read this article from variety.com

Don’t forget tonight on The Late Late Show, ROE performing her version of “I Can’t Be With You” to coincide with the release of the album… well, not anymore!!


The album is now available on all streaming platforms, it was not the case earlier in the day. Ultimately the physical release does not impact the digital one anymore.


According to goldendiscs.ie the yellow (edit: black) vinyl will be released on 28 January 2022.


Vinyl pushed back once again!
Supposed to be released yesterday, its new release date is now 18 February 2022, according to many websites such as goldendiscs.iespindizzyrecords.com
On spindizzyrecords.com the mention yellow vinyl is back, which would indeed make more sense.

About the cd, it was released a long time ago, and still available in stores:

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12 Responses to “Salvation inspired by The Cranberries” pushed back for the second time (UPDATED 3x)

  1. That’s weird… I was able to download my preordered version through itunes (USA) and it also seems to be available on apple music in the states.

    • Mia

      Same for me (US). My friend living in UK was not able to download her copy. Now she finally received it. It seems It was out in US before UK, weird. Someone somewhere decided to, no matter what. Anyways,,.
      About the album, worth the wait!? not really IMO. Except for 2 songs, I don’t like it.

  2. Anonymous

    I also received my copy from iTunes (Canada).

  3. Richard Ortiz

    The marketing for this is awful. Did they really just wait until the release date to announce a delay… again!!??

    If there’s a delay with the vinyl printing, they can at least release it digitally. While it’s tempting to go buy it from ITunes before it gets taken down… again, I’m not going to since I already paid for the album twice for vinyl and cd.

    Will wait patiently for the 12th, but won’t be holding my breath.

  4. Vtin

    Cried as i started listening to it… To be honest i cant stand Sinead O’Conners take on one of my fav. No Need To Argue. Free2Decide made me cry being its my anthem and was done beautifully. Idk what to think about Salvation it has to grow on me which im sure it will eventually. Something new, something old…. Miss you Dolly ❤❤❤❤

  5. Edi

    Most favorite covers are:
    No Need To Argue
    Ridiculous Thoughts

  6. Francois

    Has it been released on CD already?

  7. Abi

    It seems like it Will be black vinyl instead of yellow due to sound quality issues. That’s what they have told me in a mail today from The Record Hub. 🙁


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