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January 1, 2022  |  20 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Noel Hogan

The Cranberries Brasil interviewed Noel Hogan regarding his new project with Mell Peck. The video premiered on YouTube earlier today.

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20 Responses to Entrevista Noel Hogan – The Cranberries Brasil Fanpage

  1. Dan

    I don’t like this whole idea of the new project at all. Especially when that girl is trying to sound like Dolores. I know it’s not the Cranberries project, but that new song “With Keys” sounds way too similar to Dolores’ voice technique. Everyone knows that Dolores cannot be replaced so I don’t understand the point of this new collaboration. I’m OK with Noel making new music but not like this, with a woman voice that kind of imitates the Cranberries. I’ll better not follow these types of “side projects”. I still have not processed Dolores’ passing and I don’t think I ever will. So this new stuff is not for me at all. Nevertheless I wish Noel all the best in his work if he thinks it’s good for him.

    PS I think this is not good for any fan who loves Dolores for her uniqueness.

  2. Xaby

    In my opinion I agree that this collaboration is out of place, he’s of course free to collaborate with whoever he wants but the issue here is specifically this collaboration with Mell Peck. She doesn’t transmit her voice to me because I find it in the artificiality of the copy of Dolores that she has been doing since she became known with her Cranberries’ covers amd the truth “With Keys” is musically beautiful but the context with her has been a absurdity. I understand on the other hand because I think that Noel like the rest of the band haven’t experienced the death of Dolores and although they would never replace her, at least I think they’re having a charm for the Mell’s voice who imitates Dolores that they remembers her so much, that it’s only because of her voice I don’t even think that she’s important to them,which is the worst of all. In some ways it may be a short-lived appearance. Each one takes Dolores’s grief as they feel and I think it’s as if they feel that Dolores is still alive when they listen to Mell. Logically for the fans I do not know if it is because we are in another place and perspective but neither vocally nor in person I believe that woman and I do not judge her person but what she projects, through the illusion that awakens emotionally in us and is not a game, nor is Dolores a product that has to be reduced to just her voice, it is as if somehow we had in the future a hologram of her on a stage with her and the rest of the band in attendance, it would be like finding in The Cranberries and in it an object of fame and money and I am not sorry, The Cranberries are humans, not gods above and the magic that has been through their music cannot or It shouldn’t translate to the hit mechanic as ‘Zombie’. They like all of us are tempted by fame and money. Success was already imprinted in our hearts when we met them from the first debut, but each one interprets success in a different way and it is clear that for the band The Cranberries today it is a company from which they obtain their salary for life…

    • Why

      I have to agree here, it is hurtful and sickening to hear this woman trying to impersonate Dolores by Noel’s side. I couldn’t listen to the whole track, it just broke my heart as it does make it look like Dolores does not matter so much in the end since she can be replaced with the first come who can sing with a similar voice. This sounds so damn wrong. Additionally it’s hard to witness our fav band pursuing their career this way, calling upon cover band singers recommended on social media to stay under the spotlights and keep touring small stages with such side projects. Unworthy of the band’s major influence on us all, of their career and their legacy. Who’s gonna buy that ?

    • Xaby

      Totally Why,
      In the end it will turn out that Bad Wolves were tried for the moment after the death of Dolores O’Riordan and her fellow Cranberries do the same. In the end, not even the death of Dolores has meant more respect for her life but rather vultures to get money with any excuse for the “taste of the fans” with a lot of cold and monetary calculated measure. Who is being the brain of the band? It does not even seem like them, they are all zombies because of the new marketing rules in which music is not the end as before but money. I think that Dolores’ death was neither an accident nor a suicide, what killed her was precisely everything that I see represented once she is not there, it is as if in some way it had been only an instrument, it is only a reflection of what has been happening to many singers who like her in strange circumstances have disappeared and later relatives and companions have squeezed their legacy for their benefit. I don’t know, but the “don’t love me so much and love me better” must be applied here.

    • Xaby

      When I said ‘Zombies’ towards the band I mean it because there is some magnetic force or mental programming in them that attracts them to that unconscious juice, it is clear that the executioners here have more to do with the legal managers of the record industry who have made a productive cobweb that the band is blind or unaware of which line all that interest goes, they see work and money, we only in the songs of Dolores and The Cranberries see real life and soul surrender.

    • Daffodillament1994

      People keep mentioning “the cranberries” but this definitely NOT a cranberries project.
      This just Noel. He is doing side project not cranberries.
      It not fair to blame Mike and Ferg for his ridiculous behaviour. He does not need any permission from the cranberries because it is just side project so then he can do this disrespectful thing.

    • Xaby

      Time will tell if she will end up being Mell in that context, of course this is no conjecture that I have been observing since Dolores’ death. I love The Cranberries and there are precisely certain things that hurt (I would have chosen another month other than January to release it at least) or discredit the essence of what the band was. Noel, if he had chosen any other singer, it is clear that we would not have this debate but Mell is a singer who although nothing physically resembles, nor does she try to Dolores, if her voice has been known to be the most similar. It’s a shame because I really like the song in the instrumental part because of Noel but I can’t do the rest and it’s my opinion, he’s so free to do whatever he wants and as a fan I’m free that not everything make me have to like, I do not idealize. But I just hope for all the followers that it stays in a simple collaboration.

    • Why

      It can’t indeed decently turn into a Cranberries + Mell Peck collaboration, at least I hope so as the feelings this solo project on its own trigger in us are painful enough.
      Shocking also to hear that Noel has been working on this for 2 years already, how can working with a woman who tries to imitate Dolores not be bittersweet for him too so soon after the loss that none of us have yet been able to process 4 years later.
      I do share everyone’s concern here and believe/hope that this questionnable project is only due to Noel still being lost and blinded by grief.

    • Xaby

      Totally Why,
      and I would dare to say and I am sorry that I am still wrong that the way to spend the duel that Noel Hogan has in this case is artistically replacing that emptiness of not having Dolores not only as a person but her voice that also connected with her music then there may be some syndrome that explains their connection with Mell since at any time in the past if Dolores had not left, they would see Mell as an impersonator and as always they have had a certain rejection of cover groups and imitators. Time will tell but I have never liked bands that end up doing that of substituting singers either outside the band or dead for others and do not change the name is a very big stab that forever distorts the sense that they always cared for and were like something real not an illusion tight to be a company.

  3. Xaby

    Don’t work to post comment about this, but this sentence surely yes.

    • Xaby

      For Axl, there is some anomaly or system in your page that does not allow me to publish any message related to Mell Peck and Noel Hogan, it is very strange, I bring it to your attention because I know that I have translated this message and I am going to copy it from Spanish to English and is going to come out. You will see what may be happening.

    • Axl

      Sorry Xaby, your messages were considered as spams. I have now approved them and deleted your copy/paste attempts. Hope it is ok for you? let me know if not

    • Xaby

      Axl sorry for the copies (all The attempts, not spams), delete please all except the first message after Dan, write for me Xaby begins with …In my opinión… and ends with …salary for Life. Thanks

  4. Anonymous

    Resulta que si traduzco al inglés y después copio aquí no me permite el sistema entregar el mensaje, así que pido disculpas por que lo diré en castellano.

    En mi opinión estoy de acuerdo en que esta colaboracion esta fuera de lugar, por supuesto que él es libre de colaborar con quien quiera pero el tema aquí es hacerlo con Mell Peck y lo que ell representa simbolicamente y más en este mes que hace 4 años de la partida de Dolores. Ella personalmente no me transmite su voz porque la encuentro en la artificialidad de la copia de Dolores que ha estado haciendo desde que se dio a conocer con sus versiones de The Cranberries y la verdad “With Keys” es musicalmente hermosa pero el contexto con ella ha sido un golpe bajo.

  5. M T

    I don’t like that idea of replacing Dolores by a copycat. 1st track is quite nice though!

  6. AJ

    I don’t know who could continue singing cranberries-esque songs. Do any of Dolores’s children sing? Because I can’t think of any other way it could be in good taste.

    Although, I thought it would have been nice of the three guys had gotten together and wrote (and perfomed) a song in memory of Dolores.

  7. Bndo

    Hi everyone, just found out about this new project by Noel and I must say I really enjoyed it. Pure cranberries and Noel’s style, a great melody and a good singer. Quite obviously I could and should relate with the fans who didn’t like it because of the similar vocal technics as Dolores. It is a bit disturbing and bittersweet during the first lines honestly, but in the end I liked this song very much.

  8. Selene S.

    There is a big problem when your idol starts working with cover bands/singers. One is a true artist and the others are not (or unsuccessful frustrated ones). Two different worlds. I have no problem with cover bands/singers as long as they stay where they belong, playing in pubs or in front of their cameras. Most of them are shite when just a few are excellent. Mell Peck definitly belongs to the second category and did excellent cranberries covers. Just these 2 worlds should not intersect, just my opinion. Noel is obviously free to do whatever he wants as a solo artist… as long as he is not hiring the other 2 lads, I guess you know their names!


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