The Puro (Featuring Noel Hogan & Mell Peck)

May 6, 2022  |  Comments Off on The Puro (Featuring Noel Hogan & Mell Peck)  |  by Axl  |  Noel Hogan

Noel Hogan’s new project with Mell Peck now has a name and it is called The Puro. Today, they are releasing “Prison” a new single which also has its Portuguese version (Prisão) as it was the case with  “With Keys / Com Chaves” last January.

Watch the video of “Prisão” now on Mell Peck’s YouTube account.

For the occasion a new website was launched recently, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Pre-save / listen to The Puro on Spotify and Apple Music, 3 tracks available today:
1. Prison
2. Prisão
3. Com Chaves (Ao Vivo)

Note: if you can’t find The Puro on Spotify or Apple Music directly, simply search for Noel Hogan, then “Prison” should appear… then click on The Puro.

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