“Everybody Else…..” to be released on limited gold vinyl

November 3, 2023  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Spotted on thesoundofvinyl.us The Cranberries first album (25th Anniversary Edition) to be released on gold vinyl in early December 2023. The limited edition is already available to preorder in the US (ships December 1) and as always should be available in more shops (and countries?) soon…

After the Dark Green LP last month, is this the start of a new color series just like it was the case for NNTA released in 10 different colors month after month during a couple of years!


The band just announced it on their socials (Facebook, Twitter X, Instagram) with video teaser and pre-order link on udiscovermusic.com

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7 Responses to “Everybody Else…..” to be released on limited gold vinyl

  1. Fan cran

    Is there a European website where we could preorder it please ?? Much too expansive on those links

  2. Fan Cran

    Thank you AXL for once the Americans will pay less …

  3. Emerald

    Any news on what’s happened to Noel Instagram page? he litteraly disappeared!!

  4. J.

    No colour series again! I would so much prefer to buy collector stuff like 3D album cover like the ones McFarlane Toys or Knuckle Bonz do. Or why not a limited statue of band members. Am I the only one wishing this? Anyway there is a million other things to do but another boring vinyl colour series.

  5. Giusy

    When will it also be on sale on other sites?


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