Rehearsals in Mexico: “Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan”

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Cranberries MEXICO published 2 Facebook live videos of the rehearsals yesterday with the Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis. Show on July 19th!

Animal Instinct:

Ensayo de la Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis (Animal Instinct)

Gepostet von Cranberries MEXICO am Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019



Ensayo de la Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis (Salvation)

Gepostet von Cranberries MEXICO am Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019

“Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan” in Ciudad de México next month

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A tribute to Dolores O’Riordan by the Orquesta Filarmónica de Rock will be held in Ciudad de México (Mexico City) on 19 July 2019. The concert will take place at Centro Cultural Ollin Yoliztli, Sala Silvestre Revueltas at 8pm.

Grab your tickets on

Cranmeeting 2019 in São Paulo

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Our fellow Cranberries fans from The Cranberries Brasil are organizing another CRANMEETING next month on 27 July 2019. Like the past year, the event will take place in São Paulo at CASP (Cervejaria Artesanal São Paulo) where 3 bands will play Cranberries and Dolores solo career songs.


VIDEO: collaboration of Cranberries fans from around the world

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The Cranberries shared on Instagram and Facebook a video of a “cool collaboration of Cranberries fans from around the world”

A CranBedroom featuring an awesome TTFD wallpaper

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Have a look at Elio‘s CranBedroom, a beautiful wallpaper is covering the wall. For sure a happy Cranberries fan!

Noel Hogan & Robert Smith last night in Dublin

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Shared today on The Cranberries Instagram and Facebook accounts, a backstage photo of Noel Hogan & Robert Smith at Malahide Castle in Dublin yesterday where The Cure were giving a concert.

Andy Rourke, Olé Koretsky & Giovanni

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Olé Koretsky shared a “lovely photo” yesterday on Twitter and Instagram. Olé and Andy Rourke together again… and Giovanni the cat!

A Cranberries signed pic for auction as part of Ballyneety’s Golf Classic

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On June 21st / 22nd 2019 the Kevin Memorial Celebrity Golf Classic will take place in Ballyneety, County Limerick, Ireland. All proceeds will go to the Heart House Project.

They will be auctioning off some generously donated prizes (mostly sports memorabilia) including a Cranberries promotional shot signed by Dolores, Noel, Mike and Fergal kindly donated by Eileen and Sandra O’Riordan. This will be accompanied by a signed copy of “In The End”

Cranberries fans interesting in bidding for these beautiful items can email a bid to

The Cranberries 3D PHOTO by Ken Coleman Unreal Imagery

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Artwork & Photography created by Ken Coleman, from his photo shoot with The Cranberries in 2016. Move your mouse to view the photo in 3D. Only available on Facebook.
How cool!!

Artwork & Photography I created for the Cranberries European Tour in 2016. Thought it might be fitting with the new…

Gepostet von Ken Coleman Unreal Imagery am Dienstag, 30. April 2019

“memories will never end…..” exhibition in Roma – Cranberries Italia

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No need to introduce Cranberries Italia. Until May 3rd in Roma, Italy, you can visit their AWESOME memorabilia exhibition “memories will never end…” at Discoteca Laziale (Roma Via Giolitti 263).

Have a look at some photos of the event on their website here.

Dr Michael Hogan turns 46 today

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Today is Mike’s birthday!
Sending love and our best wishes to you, Mike… and hope you get some rest after this challenging period.

Johanna Cranitch’s message

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Johanna Cranitch posted a message on Instagram today regarding “In The End” and The Cranberries.

…and on a lighter side, she added a great screen shot in her Instagram Story, just read 🙂

Dan Brodbeck’s message

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Dan Brodbeck posted a message on Instagram today regarding “In The End” and The Cranberries.

In The Hand

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“In The End” by theHand. Posted on the cartoonist’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Pr Devereux to present ‘Waltzing Back’ at UL Alumni Gathering

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Professor Eoin Devereux will be presenting “Waltzing Back –  an illustrated lecture on The Cranberries 1989-1993” at The Odeon in Dublin on 9 May 2019. A welcome reception will begin at 6pm followed by Prof Devereux’s lecture, Q&A and networking opportunity.

Full details and booking:

Professor Eoin Devereux – Twitter

Dolores and her classmates receiving special award in 1989

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Instagram user joanna.cran.pic posted a very rare clipping of the Limerick Leader published on 24 April 1989. Dolores and her classmates won “Slógadh ’89” (an Irish nation wide arts festival for young people) and received a special award, “An Gradam”. It was 30 years ago!!!

More about Slógadh
In 1969, Gael Linn established a competition based youth arts festival, Slógadh, involving several local events and culminating in a national final. This event was to prove one of the great successes of the Gael Linn calendar for many years. Activities included singing, storytelling and the visual arts.

The Slógadh music competitions catered for all kinds of music – traditional, pop, country ‘n’ western, classical, solo singing, choirs, musicals and solo instrumental. There were competitions for one act plays, miming and the traditional art form – the agallamh beirte. The festival was not limited to stage competitions. There were important art and literary sections also. The side events were often as important as the competitions themselves. Impromptu music sessions, discos, céilithe and poetry readings formed an integral and important part of the festival.

Above all else, Slógadh gave Irish a new relevance for the young generation. It became a living medium of modern artistic expression. At its zenith in the early eighties, over 50,000 young people were involved annually one way or another. It was through Slógadh that artists such as Clannad, the Hothouse Flowers, Altan and Dolores O’Riordan first gained recognition. It was in Slógadh that Cathal Ó Searcaigh, one of the most promising and prolific of our contemporary poets, came to the attention of the literary public. No other youth festival of its kind in Europe, with the exception of the Urdd Eistedfodd in Wales, could compare to it in scale or in the scope of its activities. Young people from the four corners of Europe – from Wales, Scotland, Brittany, Flanders, Occitania and Slovenia, to mention but some-traveled to Ireland to experience it.


Dolores’ class photo at Laurel Hill Secondary School

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A very rare pic was posted on Instagram by user joanna.cran.pic
This is the class photo of Dolores in Laurel Hill Secondary School in Limerick. Our friends from Cranberries Italia saw the pic in the school when they visited Limerick last year and said it was taken in 1990.
If so, do the math, Dolores was 18 (maybe 19).

Dr Fergal Lawler turns 48 today

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Today is Fergal’s birthday!
Sending love and our best wishes to you, Ferg.

“Rockalendar 2019” by The Hand

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The cartoonist The Hand just released a Rockalendar 2019… and January is for Dolores.
You can order it now on by clicking this link.

Price: €12.36 (plus taxes and shipping)
Format: 43×28 (cm)

Previews on the following link:

WATCH: Tribute to Dolores O’Riordan by Limerick musicians

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Limerick musicians have combined to record a tribute to Dolores O’Riordan. The video of their rendition of The Cranberries classic song “When You’re Gone” has been posted earlier today on the internet. Some of the artists already appeared at the “I Heart Cranberries” tribute at Dolan’s pub on 5 July 2018. You might even recognize a few more…

Artists featured are:
Anna’s Anchor, Ben Oit, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, Carolyn Bourke, Casavettes, Changing Trains, Cruiser, Damien Moore, Delorean Suite, Emma Langford, Fox Jaw, Hedfuzy, Jane Fraser, John Daly, Laura Duff, Limerick Gospel Choir, Mizdrea, My Empire, New Age Messiah, Nova Quartet, Paddy Dennehy, Parliament Square, Peter Hanagan, Point Taken, Post Punk Podge & The Techno Hippies, PowPig, Protobaby, Raging Sons, Randolf & The Crokers, Sarah Dolan, Shane Wixted, Shardborne, The Flag Listeners, The Hitchers, Third Island, Tombz, We Come In Pieces, Windings, Zephire and Zombie Picnic.

From Limerick, a tribute to Dolores


…and featuring a former Cranberries member:

Niall Quinn (center) – The Hitchers

…and Ger O’Riordan, a member of Dolores’ family:

Ger O’Riordan (skull t-shirt) – Zephire

The video is directed and edited by Limerick filmmaker Shane Serrano. All proceeds will go to the MidWest Simon Community.

Sources: Limerick Leader, I Love Limerick

Two centuries of Limerick music history brought to book

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Paddy Brennan, a Limerick Historian and rock ‘n’ roll fanatic, just published a 556-page book regarding the History of Limerick Music from 1800 to 2018 including memorabilia and rare photographs.

The book has an extensive section on The Cranberries.
Author said: “Other bands were writing about love and songs that wouldn’t stand out whereas the Cranberries were writing songs where you would actually start listening to the words.”

The book called “Limerick Music Throughout The Decades” will be available for purchase on October 30.

Read the full articles published earlier today on and

At the launch, Lorcan Murray, Geraldine Brennan, Ken McLoughlin, Mayor James Collins, Paddy Brennan, Fergal Lawler, and John Dundon Picture: Michael Cowhey

Limerick Music Throughout The Decades

“Fuarú” – Sibéal – The Late Late Show – RTÉ One

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Artist Sibéal performed her version of The Cranberries’ “Linger” as Gaeilge yesterday at ‘The Late Late Show’ on Irish TV RTÉ One. Watch below:

A preview of our ‘Cranberries Mystery Tour’

September 12, 2018  |  1 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Other News

Last week, just ahead of what would have marked Dolores O’Riordan’s birthday – and sadly, the date that was also chosen by the coroner to make the inquest public – we encouraged everyone to remember and celebrate the beautiful talent that she was by focusing on the music, sharing memories and spreading love.

Alan Martin, who we can fairly describe as the first ever Cranberries fan, took us at our words!
While some members of our team were in Limerick city to pay tribute to Dolores, Alan offered to treat us to a “Cranberries Mystery Tour” that would lead us to different venues where the band performed in their early days, schools they had attended as pupils, and Churches where they got married.

Most of the photos we took during this special tour will enable us to illustrate the concerts pages that represent the shows that they played during the 1990s. However, only a very few of these places are still standing today as they did back then.

During this tour, we were escorted to:

– The Flag Café (first ever show, 18 November 1989, TCSU with Niall Quinn – now closed and walled)

– The Crescent Hall

– The Glentworth (today’s Pery’s hotel)

– The Theatre Royal (closed)

– The Jetland Center (now a shopping center)

– People’s Park (where ‘Lark in the Park’ took place)

– The Parkway

– The Two Mile Inn

– The Speakeasy (today’s Texas Steak Out)

– The Empire Records shop where the band launched their debut album (today’s Centra shop)

– The Savoy, Top Floor (now entirely rebuilt)

– The Cruise’s Royal Hotel (first ever show with Dolores on 14 July 1990, the building is now gone)

But that wasn’t all!
We were honored to be welcomed at the Moyross ‘Corpus Christi Primary School’ where the very talented choir (who had sung earlier this year at Thomond Park for the Munster game, as well as on RTÉ One ahead of the All Ireland final) performed “Dreams” for us!!!

What a beautiful reminder of the impact of the band’s music on the upcoming generations, proving that music will, without a doubt, be the legacy that Dolores has left for all time.

Here’s our video to share this incredible and very emotional experience with Cranberries fans from all over the world :

Corpus Christi Choir Moyross – “Dreams”

Last, we were privileged to be joined by Professor Eoin Devereux at Limerick University, where he teaches, to learn more on the History of the band and visit some more places that are still full of memories:

– The Stables Club

– The University of Limerick room where ‘Treaty 300’ took place

– The Irish Chamber Orchestra

We’ve truly been touched by the hospitality we received in Limerick, and we treasure those lovely moments that we were privileged to share with everyone there. It is our sincere hope that by sharing this small review of our trip, fans throughout the world will feel the love the Limerick people have for the beautiful soul that Dolores undeniably was.

We would like to extend a very warm THANK YOU to Alan Martin, the Moyross Corpus Christi Choir, and Professor Eoin Devereux for filling our hearts with so much history and beautiful memories at a most needed time.

Limerick man ‘Dreams’ up Dolores O’Riordan flag tribute

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Interesting article posted on

Seoirse Laffan’s ‘Dreams’ flag hung proudly at the Na Piarsaigh homecoming

Limerick man wants to see Hurlers and Dolores honoured in mural

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The article was published yesterday on and concerns the mural project. You may remember their first article about it in March this year.

The Cranberries Press