Dreams Fest – 3 days to go!

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There are three days left before the community of Bruff, co Limerick, gathers to celebrate Dolores’ birthday and life.

As seen on their Facebook page, the town is getting ready for the celebrations.

Banners can be seen all around the town.

Measurements have been taken on the bench on which Dolores and her mother sat to answer Barry Egan’s questions in April 2014, we can thus expect the plaque featuring the park’s new name (“Dolores O’Riordan Park”) to be fixed onto the bench.

The “Bruff Tidy Town” team is doing an amazing job for the town to be ready to welcome the event.

Derry’s Piano bar, that will host some of the gigs, now features a quite moving painting of Dolores.

The festival is a free event – people attending will be invited to make donations to Limerick Suicide Watch, who will be promoting positive Mental Health on site.

In addition to unveiling the new name of the Morning Star Park, the opening ceremony will be featuring some green balloons, as a homage to the When You’re Gone music video.

Stay tuned to know more about the festival, which has already announced that the concerts will be live streamed for fans abroad to follow the celebrations!

Noel Hogan to discuss “In The End” at Dún Laoghaire Vinyl Festival

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Noel Hogan will be discussing the making of “In The End” with Professor Eoin Devereux at Dún Laoghaire Vinyl Festival on Sunday 3 November 2019. Event takes place at the National Maritime Museum, Haigh Terrace in Dún Laoghaire (Ireland) from 5pm to 6pm.

Ticket: €12

Booking details on evenbrite.ie

Noel Hogan joined Kodaline on stage tonight at Electric Picnic

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Noel Hogan joined the band Kodaline on stage tonight at “Electric Picnic” festival in Stradbally, Ireland to play “Zombie” as a tribute to Dolores O’Riordan.

Here’s a short video from the stage posted on Instagram by Josh Javor:


Below almost the complete version of the song recorded from the crowd, shared on Twitter by Maria Flanagan (@OneFineDay_ie), part 1 and part 2:


Dreams Fest 19 by theHand

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“Dreams Fest 19” posted on Facebook and Instagram today a beautiful poster sent by theHand:

Dreams Fest 19 – Full line up with timings (UPDATED)

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The full Dreams Festival 2019 line up was published this morning, including stages and timings (except for Mary Howards). You may notice a few changes than what was originally announced:




7pm (Dreams Park): Unveiling & Balloon Ceremony
8pm – 8.40pm (Street Stage): Noelle O’Riordan, Kellie Lewis
9pm – 10pm (Street Stage): Parliament Square
10pm – close (Dave Clarke’s bar): Acoustic Club
10pm – close (Clancy’s Underworld): Eve’s Record Box, Outlion, Zephire
10pm – close (Clancy’s Upstairs): Mega-Trad, Thick As Thieves
10pm – close (Derry’s Piano Bar): Clare Mullins, Gary Hayes
10pm – close (Mary Howards): Laurence Corbett

2pm – 3:30pm / 8pm – 10pm (The Church & Nuns Room): Sing along tributes, Mens Shed meet the Ukealadies
4pm – 4.55pm (Street Stage): Fox Jaw
5.15pm – 6.10pm (Street Stage): Mizdrea
6.30pm – 7.25pm (Street Stage): The Flag Listeners
7.45pm – 8.40pm (Street Stage): Protobaby
8.55pm – 10pm (Street Stage): ThemeTuneBoy (featuring Niall Quinn)
10pm – close (Dave Clarke’s bar): Acoustic Club
10pm – close (Clancy’s Underworld): In The Black, Hazey Haze & Citrus Fresh
10pm – close (Clancy’s Upstairs):
Damo T. Carroll, JaYne
10pm – close (Derry’s Piano Bar):
Luz, Dawna, Louise O’Flanagan
10pm – close (Mary Howards):
Yvonne McCarthy

2.30pm – 3.20pm (Street Stage):
Eilis Kennedy
3.40pm – 4.30pm (Street Stage): Broken Cord
4.50pm – 5.10pm (Street Stage): Wild Atlantic Cabaret
5.30pm – 6.10pm (Street Stage): JuliJam
6.30pm – 7.20pm (Street Stage): Xero
7.40pm – 8.30pm (Street Stage): Cruiser
8.50pm – 10pm (Street Stage): New Age Messiah
7:30pm – 9:30pm (The Church & Nuns Room): Jenni & Colm McGuinness
10pm – close (Dave Clarke’s bar): Acoustic Club
10pm – close (Clancy’s Underworld): Broken Cord
10pm – close (Clancy’s Upstairs):
Laurence Corbett
10pm – close (Derry’s Piano Bar):
dREA, Kellie Lewis
10pm – close (Mary Howards):
Shirley Callaghan

Another tribute concert to take place in September in Galway

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Following the success of Dreaming Her Dreams: A Night in Memory of Dolores O’Riordan that took place last year at Róisín Dubh in Galway, Dreaming Her Dreams 2 is coming back on 13th September to celebrate the life and legacy of Dolores O’Riordan. The night will feature renditions of Dolores and The Cranberries songs performed by Irish musicians:

* Noelle O’Riordan (Dolores’ niece)
* Anna Mullarkey
* Tracy Bruen
* Dead Horse Jive
* Ukealadies
* The Blue Notes Choir
* Roisin Seoighe
* Julianne Hennelly
* Paul McManus with Catherine Hayes
…and more to be announced!

Tickets are €12 and can be purchased online (roisindubh.net) or on the door.

All the money raised will go towards two charities helping sick kids and young adults with disabilities in Peru:

More on the event Facebook Page.

Short film “Told You” to feature an OST by Fergal Lawler

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It looks like the short movie “Told You” funded by Limerick City Council & Limerick Arts Office, and which was just completed, is featuring a soundtrack written by our very fav drummer Dr Fergal Lawler.
We have no info yet as per when this short will be released.

Source: MADE IMAGE Films (Facebook)

Thanks to Sigma for grabbing our attention on this!

Dublin Windmill Lane Studios now open for guided tours

August 19, 2019  |  Comments Off on Dublin Windmill Lane Studios now open for guided tours  |  by Webmaster  |  The Cranberries

The iconic Windmill Lane Studios where The Cranberries recorded some of the tracks of their most famous albums (Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?,  To The Faithful Departed, Bury The Hatchet, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, as well as some Are You Listening? tracks when Dolores went solo) have announced they’re now open for exclusive tours for the public!

This one-hour tour “presents visitors with an unprecedented opportunity to understand the creation and production of some of the most iconic albums and songs of the past 40 years […] using a balance of technology, audio-visual media and intuitive storytelling

Walk-in is not possible, fans who want to attend the tours need to book in advance on their website.
More info on windmilllanerecording.com

Dreams Festival 19 line up announced

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Dreams Festival coordinator, Julianne Hennelly, revealed most of the line up on Limerick City Community Radio earlier today. Podcast is already available below, for those who’d like to listen to the show:

As we know, the festival focuses on bringing the local rural community together, celebrating original artists music, which explains why a number of the announced acts are unknown to foreign people, but some of these will definitely ring a bell for Cranberries fans:

Indeed, one of the first act to be announced was Kellie Lewis, Dolores’ candidate at The Voice of Ireland 2014, but we also learned today that a former member of The Cranberry Saw Us will be playing at the festival as none other than Niall Quinn was announced (playing with his band Theme Tune Boy) !!!
Fans are also familiar with artists such as Jane Fraser (Ja¥ne & Eves Record Box) or Sarah Croker, who were part of the I Heart Cranberries tribute concert last year, and will be performing this year in Bruff.

Here’s below a list of the acts who will be performing at Dreams Festival 19:

Friday September 6th

Noelle O’Riordan (Dolores’ niece)
Kellie Lewis
Parliament Square
Cillian O D
Gary Hayes
Claire Mullins
Thick As Thieves
Sarah Croker
Stuart Bond
The Acoustic Club

Saturday September 7th

Fox Jaw
The Flag Listeners
Theme Tune Boy
Hazy & Citrus Fresh
Damo Carroll
Eves Record Box
Ja¥ne (who will be performing Pretty)
Louise O Flanagan
In The Black
Cuppa Tea TV
The Acoustic Club

Sunday September 8th

Julianne Hennelly
Éilís Kennedy
New Age Messiah (band of Dolores’ nephew)
Colm McGuinness
Kellie Lewis
Laurence Corbett
Wild Atlantic Cabaret
The Acoustic Club

The launch ceremony will take place on Friday 6th at 7pm in the park by the River Morningstar where Dolores & Eileen gave an interview to Barry Egan on April 27th 2014. Children will be invited to write their dreams on balloons, that will be released during the ceremony.

Julianne also announced that the festival will feature a Church place at Kennedy Rooms where people can go and sing along.

Last, The Limerick Leader published an article about the festival today where they explained that “while the band and the O’Riordan family are not involved in the organising of this event, a spokesperson for the band and the family wished the organisers the very best with the festival“.

More information to come on Dreams Fest 19 Facebook Page.

limerickleader.ie “Park in County Limerick village to be named after Dolores O’Riordan”

August 17, 2019  |  Comments Off on limerickleader.ie “Park in County Limerick village to be named after Dolores O’Riordan”  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Read the article directly on limerickleader.ie or click image below to open pdf file.

AUDIO: “In The End” Album Launch Party & interviews at Dolan’s

August 14, 2019  |  Comments Off on AUDIO: “In The End” Album Launch Party & interviews at Dolan’s  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

YouTube user Munster Multimedia published yesterday the audio of the “In The End” album launch listening party that took place at Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick on 25 april 2019.

Host Niall Colgan interviewed Pr. Eoin Devereux, Orla Colgan and Declan Hogan.

Thanks to The Cranberries Newspaper on Facebook for the link.

Dreams Festival celebrating Dolores O’Riordan to take place in September

August 13, 2019  |  Comments Off on Dreams Festival celebrating Dolores O’Riordan to take place in September  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan

A few days ago, the artwork of a new festival dedicated to celebrating the life of Dolores O’Riordan called “Dreams Festival” was shared on socials.

Today, the Limerick Post reveals more details on this event that will take place in Bruff, co Limerick (Ireland) – in the area where Dolores was born and raised – on September 6 to 8 this year to celebrate her birthday and musical legacy.

Full line-up will be announced on August 17, but it is already known that Kellie Lewis – Dolores’ 2014 Voice Of Ireland’s contestant – will be performing!

Journalist Eric Fitzgerald explains that “the town will also re-name its iconic park where Dolores was famously interviewed with her mother during her time as a judge on the Voice of Ireland. There will be a very special unveiling ceremony at the park on Friday 6” referring to the Barry Egan interview given on April 27th 2014 for The Independent.

Promoters hope that the event will become an annual event to take place in Bruff on the first weekend of every September to celebrate original artists music as well as her homeland, and bring communities in rural Ireland together.

Read more about this celebration of Dolores and her memory on the Limerick Post’s article.


Dreams Fest 19 Facebook Page now provides more info !

The festival will be taking place over 7 different stages :
1. Street Stage
2. Clancy’s Session Bar
3. Clancy’s Underworld
4. Piano Bar (Derry’s)
5. Acoustic Club Stage (Clarke’s)
6. Kennedy Rooms Church (unplugged)
7. The Nuns Room (Irelands first non alcoholic bar)

Here’s below their press release :

‘Dreams’ Festival


The community of Bruff are coming together to celebrate the birthday and life of one of their own. Born and raised near the town in county Limerick, she is regarded as one of the worlds greatest female artists: Dolores O’Riordan.


Dolores, who tragically passed away in January of 2018, was the lead singer with The Cranberries, a band who rose to international success in the early 90’s, selling over 40 million albums worldwide. Dolores was a prolific songwriter and also enjoyed a hugely successful solo career in the early 2000’s.


The Festival, which is taking place on September 6th, 7th and 8th will showcase an eclectic mix of exciting artists. With a focus on original music, the festival will also host talks, community music gatherings, comedy, cabaret and spoken word acts.


Rainer Lindheim, Co-Promoter and Stage Event Manager and close friend of Dolores said ‘We hope that this years event will be a seed-planter for an annual event to take place in Bruff on the first weekend of every September. It’s spirit is to celebrate original artists music and in some way to help showcase their own dreams’


The town will also re-name the iconic park where Dolores was famously interviewed with her mother during her time as a judge on the Voice of Ireland. She will have a very special unveiling ceremony on Friday the 6th.


The festival committee comprises of members of the business, arts and music communities in Bruff. Committee member, Jack Clancy, who is the proprietor of Clancy’s bar and music venue commented, ‘We hope it will be a great weekend for the village and everyone both in Ireland and across the world who loved Dolores and wish to celebrate her legacy’


Brendan O’Riordan, brother of Dolores has said, ‘we want to celebrate Dolores and her memory. I have spoken to so many people who she inspired with her music, her songs helped them cope through the dark times and encouraged them to write and play, many of them will be performing for the weekend. People in rural Ireland are often isolated and music helps bring communities together and that’s what we aim to do on Dolores birthday’


Festival Coordinator Julianne Hennelly stated ‘as an artist who works in the area of mental health I am honoured to be part of this project. Dolores has helped so many of us struggling with depression in Ireland and throughout the world, we want to celebrate her homeland which inspired her art and kind nature. Rural Ireland is the most beautiful healing place to be, with it’s friendly, easy going way of life. Bruff has it all, lakes, historical sites, rivers, parks, cafes, big music venues and most importantly a very strong community spirit’


Full programme and information on events throughout the weekend will be launched on August 17th.

“CALENDOLORES 2020” by theHand completed

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Artist theHand announced on socials recently that the “CALENDOLORES 2020” was now completed and will be available soon.

theHand on Twitter:

thehand71 on Instagram (different preview):

In the mean time you can see all previews of re-edited pictures for calendar at re-launched website www.doloresoriordan.it

VIDEO: “Free To Decide” & “Sunday” live in Boston for Telethon

July 22, 2019  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

A few days ago the MDA Telethon published on YouTube a very rare video of The Cranberries performing 2 songs in Boston, MA, USA for the Telethon 1996. It was broadcast on the US TV show “Jerry Lewis Stars Across America MDA Labor Day Telethon” on 2 September 1996. The video quality is perfect, upscaled in HD 1080p and respecting the original 4:3 format.

The Cranberries played 2 shows in Boston that year, on September 1st and 2nd, so without more information it is impossible to know the exact day of that performance, depending on the fact that it was live broadcast or prerecorded.
[EDIT – JULY 27th: The performance was recorded during the band’s first show on September 1st according to the TV report “On Music” broadcast in Spain on C+ in 1996 where Dolores (and the whole band) has the same outfit during the song “Forever Yellow Skies” (starts at 2:10). Thanks to Luis Hernández for the info.]

The “MDA Labor Day Telethon” was an annual telethon held on Labor Day, starting the night before and throughout.

Live videos from “Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan”

July 21, 2019  |  Comments Off on Live videos from “Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan”  |  by Axl  |  Other News

Our friends from Cranberries MEXICO shared live videos on Facebook from the “Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan” show in Ciudad de México.

If you didn’t watch the show live, the videos are still available for replay:


La Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis en vivo en el Centro Cultural Ollin Yoliztli – Tributo a #DoloresORiordan

Gepostet von Cranberries MEXICO am Freitag, 19. Juli 2019



La Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis en vivo en el Centro Cultural Ollin Yoliztli – Tributo a #DoloresORiordan

Gepostet von Cranberries MEXICO am Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

Rehearsals in Mexico: “Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan”

July 3, 2019  |  12 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Other News

Cranberries MEXICO published 2 Facebook live videos of the rehearsals yesterday with the Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis. Show on July 19th!

Animal Instinct:

Ensayo de la Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis (Animal Instinct) https://www.facebook.com/events/486645082084371

Gepostet von Cranberries MEXICO am Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019



Ensayo de la Orquesta Filarmónica Communitatis (Salvation) https://www.facebook.com/events/486645082084371

Gepostet von Cranberries MEXICO am Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019

ITW: musicradar.com “Doing the album when we did, it was almost like therapy for us”

June 28, 2019  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The interview with Noel Hogan published on the UK magazine Total Guitar (June 2019 issue) is now available online on musicradar.com

independent.ie “Stunning visuals for TC Wake Me When It’s Over created by Limerick design students”

June 22, 2019  |  Comments Off on independent.ie “Stunning visuals for TC Wake Me When It’s Over created by Limerick design students”  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Read the article/interview directly on independent.ie

ITW: rollingstone.com.mx “Despedida y homenaje”

June 22, 2019  |  Comments Off on ITW: rollingstone.com.mx “Despedida y homenaje”  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Read the first lines of the interview with Noel Hogan directly on rollingstone.com.mx
Complete interview available on Rolling Stone magazine, Mexican edition, Junio 2019 issue.
Purchase your copy on kichink.com (print) or magzter.com (digital)

“Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan” in Ciudad de México next month

June 21, 2019  |  Comments Off on “Homenaje a: Dolores O’Riordan” in Ciudad de México next month  |  by Axl  |  Other News

A tribute to Dolores O’Riordan by the Orquesta Filarmónica de Rock will be held in Ciudad de México (Mexico City) on 19 July 2019. The concert will take place at Centro Cultural Ollin Yoliztli, Sala Silvestre Revueltas at 8pm.

Grab your tickets on ticketmaster.com.mx

OFFICIAL VIDEO: “Wake Me When It’s Over”

June 19, 2019  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The official video for “Wake Me When It’s Over” is now available. It was created in collaboration between The Cranberries and Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT. It premiered today on rollingstone.com

A few hours after the release, the band posted the following message on Twitter and Facebook:

TEASER: “Wake Me When It’s Over”

June 18, 2019  |  2 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries posted a 15 second teaser on their socials today regarding the single “Wake Me When It’s Over”. They also wrote the word, “Tomorrow”.

Well… it looks like the 2nd music video of the album “In The End” will be released very soon and will be an animated one.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by The Cranberries (@thecranberries) on

AUDIO: iberor909.fm “The Cranberries después de Dolores: ¿Evolución o separación?”

June 15, 2019  |  Comments Off on AUDIO: iberor909.fm “The Cranberries después de Dolores: ¿Evolución o separación?”  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Listen to the interview with Noel Hogan directly on ibero909.fm
It was recorded on 17 May 2019 on the phone.

Cranmeeting 2019 in São Paulo

June 14, 2019  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Other News

Our fellow Cranberries fans from The Cranberries Brasil are organizing another CRANMEETING next month on 27 July 2019. Like the past year, the event will take place in São Paulo at CASP (Cervejaria Artesanal São Paulo) where 3 bands will play Cranberries and Dolores solo career songs.


The Cranberries Press