Dolores to perform at the annual Italian Christmas Concert?

November 19, 2012  |  2 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O’ Riordan might perform at the 20th Concerto Di Natale next December according to Radio Italia ( The concert will take place on December 15th at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Roma and is to be broadcast on Rai 2 TV on Christmas night.

Dolores’ presence is not confirmed yet.

Dolores was part of the 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2006 editions where she performed her own material (both Cranberries and solo songs) and Christmas classics.

Cranberries World video: “Conduct” in Grenoble

November 18, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

Back from Grenoble where we enjoyed a really good show with a very dynamic crowd. We didn’t film what we thought was the key moment of the show but “Conduct” as some of you had requested this song, we would otherwise have picked “Put Me Down” during which Dolores added some interesting vocals at the end.

“Conduct” – Grenoble 2012

Also, we’ll try to capture “Not Sorry…” on the following shows (a request again), and “Show Me” which is turning more and more captivating in time, especially as Dolores now encourages the audience to clap their hands during the verses of the song. To be continued…

“Roses” qualifies for the next Irish Meteor Awards (UPDATED)

November 16, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries latest album “Roses” is part of the 2012 albums longlist of the Meteor Choice Music Prize which will take place on March 7, 2013 in Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland. The shortlist (final nominees) will be announced on January 9, 2013.

Last Cranberries’ presence at “The Meteors” was in March 2002 when they performed “Time Is Ticking Out”, their current single at the time. Watch it again below:

“Time Is Ticking Out” – Meteor Ireland Music Awards 2002



The Cranberries lost… Not even on the final nominees shortlist!

2012 Shortlist

Cranberries World video: “I Can’t Be With You” in Strasbourg

November 15, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday The Cranberries were in Strasbourg in France.
Unfortunately the show was far from being sold out with only one third of the venue (about 2,000 people). Some security team members even told us that the show might have been cancelled in the afternoon. We don’t know whether this was the band or the tour producer’s decision.Anyway, as the show eventually took place, here is the video we filmed in the front row:

“I Can’t Be With You” – Strasbourg 2012

At the end of the show Dolores wished us all “A Merry Christmas” and added “See you next year”.
Is a new European leg planned for next year or was it just a way to say goodbye? Future will tell…

A few videos of the “Roses Tour” recorded by ourselves so far

November 13, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

As promised, all CW team members try to film one song at each show they’re attending. We choose the songs according to what we think is a key moment of the show, or on your request. Be sure our crew does its best and we can’t guarantee success every time as camera policy totally varies one venue to another. We’re rarely meeting any problem though with the compact photo camera we’re using for these videos. However please keep in mind that recording videos prevents the one who films from enjoying the show as one may thus focus more on the screen of the camera than the concert itself. No need to say that our team do want to enjoy the show first (probably like all of us).

Below are new videos as well as some old ones you may already know.

“Electric Blue” – Orléans – November 11, 2012

“Twenty One” – Antwerpen – November 4, 2012

“Astral Projections” – Esch-sur-Alzette – November 2, 2012

Interlude (Shattered instrumental)” – Toulouse – October 25, 2012

“No Need To Argue” – London – October 2, 2012

The Cranberries played “Electric Blue” tonight

November 10, 2012  |  6 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

Tonight The Cranberries offered a safe setlist to the Caen crowd (and then to the future Concert Live CD-set listeners)… until they surprised fans with a flute-playing Dolores on “Electric Blue”!!!

The band used their “Dreams-to-Salvation” setlist which includes mostly older hits from the 90’s. This setlist is similar to the one performed on most Asian/North American concerts last spring.

A few changes were made though, including “Electric Blue” on which Dolores played the flute. Earlier today, a member of the CW team who attended tonight’s show reported that fans heard from the outside of the venue the band rehearse “Electric Blue” a few times this afternoon.

“Twenty-One” was also performed while more recent material like “Show Me” and “Astral Projections” was kept out of the setlist for tonight’s recorded show.

On the bright side of life, fans who buy the CD-set will get the first professional recording of “Raining in My Heart” other than the acoustic version performed several times on last winter promo tour. Let’s hope that the future Paris DVD recording will actually happen and that more “Roses” tracks will be performed.

You can buy the 2-CD set of tonight’s show in Caen directly on the Concert Live website (the encore will be included on CD2, unlike if you bought it on-site).
Please note that CD’s of last month’s London show as well as three “Reunion Tour 2010” shows (Paris, London, Milano) are also still available online.

Caen setlist:

When You’re Gone
Animal Instinct
Just My Imagination
You And Me
Put Me Down
Twenty One
Desperate Andy
I Can’t Be With You
Interlude (Shattered instrumental)
Waltzing Back
Raining In My Heart
Free To Decide
Schizophrenic Playboys
Ridiculous Thoughts

Losing My Mind
Electric Blue

“Stars” compilation tops Australian iTunes charts

November 8, 2012  |  2 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

Following the performance of “Dreams” by an Australian X-Factor contestant, The Cranberries greatest hits collection “Stars” topped iTunes‘ pop album charts on November 5th. Which means Number 1. The album aslo ended up at #3 on iTunes’ overall album chart. As for today (Nov. 8), the album is at #33.

“Stars” was released 10 years ago in September 2002!

Thanks to Dosulivan for the info.

The X Factor contestant covers “Dreams”

November 7, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Jury  |  Other News

Bella Ferraro, an aspiring singer from the Australian version of the TV show The X Factor, covered The Cranberries’ classic hit “Dreams” during the last show on November 5th.

The theme of the last week’s competition was Judges’ Challenge and the song “Dreams” was chosen by Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls fame.

Bella Ferraro performing “Dreams”

According to the young singer, she grew up singing The Cranberries songs. Apparently, the judges loved her performance.

It’s interesting to mention that Ronan Keating, one of the judges and an Irishman himself, said some nice things about the song: “I love that song. I don’t know if people realize this but that is so tough to sing. That is such a tough song. Dolores is an amazing vocalist. Great Irish band, actually. Good song choice, well done!”

DVD to be filmed in Paris (?) + random news

November 5, 2012  |  16 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries are apparently set to record their next DVD at Zénith in Paris this month, according to some member of the band’s road crew. This could explain the mysterious “DVD Set List” inscription on the Luxembourg setlist sheet we reported a few days ago. The ‘berries could have practice this setlist on that night in preparation to the Paris show.

The band has not confirmed the information though. So this is, for now, still a rumor.

In 1999, the band also recorded their last DVD (Beneath the Skin) in Paris, at Bercy. Even though it will be filmed in the same city, the upcoming Zénith show should give a completely different and cosy atmosphere as this venue capacity is 7,000 compared to 17,000 at Bercy.

Cranberries World: a FAN website

Some people expressed their deception over the fact that we were getting people their hopes high and then disappointing them if the news turn out not to be true. Remember that we are only a group of fans from around the world making this website happend on our own free time. We do not have any direct, privileged contact with the band, nor represent them in any way. Our news sources consiste of what is available on the web, what is said or did at concerts and some occasional e-mails to informations sources. So please, take it for what it is, nothing more! 😉

We also would like to thank every person who are emailing us with some pieces of information to include on the site. We will include it over the next months, as the website is still under construction. These information are greatly appreciated!

Antwerpen show

Yesterday’s Antwerpen show went on in a chaotic atmosphere, according to fans attending the several shows on this tour. The venue’s sound quality was not up to standards. Due this poor sound quality, it seemed like some front-row fans were shouting more loudly than the band was playing. The band seemed to have completely lost concentration — Dolores smiling at the situation during the sad-theme “Put Me Down” and “21”–, and the surrounding crowd, annoyed and a bit sour.

Cranberries World to film key moments of upcoming shows

November 3, 2012  |  10 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

Though time for the CW French team members! It’s getting harder to get you updated with all the information about the numerous shows while we’re following the band on the road.

Also, we decided we would try to film a key moment of the shows we will be attending over the next weeks to share these times with you.

While we’re updating the Milano and Roma concerts pages, here is thus the video of The Cranberries amazing performance of “Astral Projections” last night at Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg.

“Astral Projections” – Esch-sur-Alzette 2012

Feel free to request some videos from us in the near future: our french team members should try to attend all the French venues and those at the French border.

“Astral Projections” and “Roses” back on the setlist (UPDATED)

November 2, 2012  |  14 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries included back “Astral Projections” and “Roses”, two tracks from their lastest album on the Luxembourg show! That information was confirmed by one of the CW team member who attended the show. This is such great news as the Caen show recording is coming up in a few days. Let’s hope that the band will perform them on that night.

Setlist – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg


Even though there is a mysterious “DVD SET LIST” inscription at the top right of the setlist sheet, Camille -who attended the Luxembourg show- confirmed that there was no cameras at the venue. So no DVD release plan for the moment…

To put an end to the boobs controversy

November 2, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Other News

Two days ago CW reported about some gossiping on differents forums and between fans attending the current tour, whether Dolores had breasts enlargement or not.
We would like to remind you that we did/do not pass any judgement on Dolores appearance, nor condemn the use of plastic surgery. Every person should be free to use such methods if they want to with no fear of being judged by others. Remember though that no one confirmed that Dolores actually had this kind of surgery.

The CW Team felt that this was important to briefly address this topic, as a footnote in our last article, since it was widely discussed between fans.

Now back to celebrate The Cranberries’ music and performances! 😉

The European Leg so far…

October 31, 2012  |  23 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Today The Cranberries are playing at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Roma for the 3rd and last show in beautiful Italy. Italians fans do love The Cranberries & there is no doubt The Cranberries do love Italy. The whole band arrived in Roma yesterday and had a day off there after 2 great shows in Padova and Milano.

Roma is the 11th show of a tour that counts 33 shows, meaning one third of the European Leg of the Roses Tour 2012 has now been played which enabled fans to notice a regular pattern in setlists change from one night to another. Besides the London show which was the premiere (and a premiere is never too representative) one can identify 2 setlists, the first one starting with “Just My Imagination” and the other one with “Analyse”.
These 2 setlist greatly differ in terms of dynamic and of length. If the Analyse set contains 25 or 26 songs, only 20 or 21 songs are featured in the other set!
As a consequence, don’t be too surprised if ever you get to read really good reviews (from the media, we’re not speaking about fans here) from a concert whereas that on the following evening tends to contrast.

If some fans do identify the setlists by speaking of the “energetic & long” one and the “slow and short” one, we, meaning Cranberries World, do not think things are this black and white.
Having seen a couple of shows, we can say both shows feature amazing and rare songs as well as beautiful moments. What stroke us the most was mainly the discrepancy in terms of song number.

Things are not frozen though, the running order is never exactly the same and some old rarities do pop up surprisingly sometimes to our greatest delight. Plus consider there are still a lot of dates to come, the band can always refine its choices at all times.
The Cranberries are in great shape and appear to be still amazing performers. The 3 boys play goddamn well and the still blond Dolores changes her clothes 3 times a show, most of the time for beautiful dresses exclusively on this tour. Dolores’ vocal cord nodule seems to be an old story now as her voice has been particularly good since the beginning of the tour. One may note Russell Burton’s amazing performance on keyboard on the “Interlude” which is an instrumental version of “Shattered” as well as Johanna Cranitch’s (recently hired this year) great back vocals. The Roses Tour is thus going pretty well!

Finally, let’s just mention briefly the topic we’ve been trying to avoid for a while as we don’t want to turn into a tabloid website 😉
Doubt is raising among the fans and people start gossiping about it, so here we go: whether or not our favourite singer has had breast surgery recently, this we do not know, but it does look like her breast’s bigger now when looking at random close up pictures. Keep in mind it does not necessarily imply surgery though, who knows if this is not just all about getting older, gaining a little weight or whatever…


Happy Halloween everyone, and let’s see if the band will surprise us tonight on this special evening as mentioned on an Italian article. (article no longer available)

New greatest hits: “Dreams The Collection”

October 15, 2012  |  9 Comments  |  by Jury  |  The Cranberries

This October Spectrum Audio UK (Universal’s division) will release a new greatest hits compilation from The Cranberries. The CD entitled “Dreams: The Collection features classic The Cranberries hits (Zombie, Linger, Dreams, Salvation, etc.) and some non-single songs (No Need To Argue, Dreaming My Dreams, Daffodil Lament).


1. Dreams
2. Linger
3. Zombie
4. Ode To My Family
5. I Can’t Be With You
6. Ridiculous Thoughts
7. No Need To Argue
8. Dreaming My Dreams
9. Daffodil Lament
10. Salvation
11. Free To Decide
12. When You’re Gone
13. Hollywood
14. Promises
15. Animal Instinct
16. Just My Imagination
17. You And Me
18. Analyse
19. Time Is Ticking Out
20. This Is The Day

“Dreams: The Collection” is scheduled to be released on October 15 or October 23 according to different retailers. Strangely enough, this release coincides with the start of the new tour and with the 20th anniversary of the single “Dreams.”

Dreams The Collection: front and back covers

Let’s also note that Universal recently re-released “Icon” (another greatest hits compilation) originally released in 2010 but now featuring more songs and different artwork.

Zürich concert changes venue

October 13, 2012  |  Comments Off on Zürich concert changes venue  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries’ Zürich concert, which was set to take place at the Hallenstadion on November 7th, will change venue. The show will now take place at Volkshaus still on November 7th at 8:00 pm

Zürich’s show now at Volkshaus

Thanks to Schizophrenic Lu for the info.

The Cranberries to record new music after current tour (?)

October 13, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

According to Romanian website, The Cranberries are to work on songs for album #7 after a the current European leg of the Roses tour… and record them in Bulgaria.

“I expect a busy schedule until December, then again take a break to focus on the next album. Some of the recordings will take place in a studio in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria.” reported the website (in Romanian).

Earlier this year, Noel said that they had already started to write new songs for the next album.

A closer look at the “Roses Tour” merchandising

October 7, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

Here is a closer look at The Cranberries merchandising offered at the venues this year.
All pictures taken at Hammersmith Apollo in London, 1st show of the European tour.

Merch – General view

“Roses Tour 2012” – White Ladies T-Shirt  (men also available)

“Rose” Black T-Shirt (Ladies also available) + “Logo” Cap

“Rose” White T-Shirt (Ladies also available) + “Logo” Cap

“Silhouettes and Logo” – Black Hoodie

“Rose” – Mug

“Band photo” – Mug

“London Hammersmith Apollo” – Live 3-CD set

No close-up pictures for now but distinguishable on general view:
– “Roses Tour 2012” White T-Shirt (men/standard)
– “Rose” – Black Ladies T-Shirt
– “Rose” – White Ladies T-Shirt
– “Rose” – Black Tote Bag
– 3 different packs of badges (3 badges each pack)

You can also buy most of this merchandising on The Cranberries Official Webstore by clicking here. (link no longer available)

“Twenty One” relives…

October 6, 2012  |  10 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

At the Madrid show The Cranberries revived “Twenty One”, another long forgotten “No Need to Argue” track for the fans to enjoy!

Twenty One – Madrid 2012

For the first 3 shows of the European leg of the Roses Tour, The Cranberries brought back on each show a track they did not perform in a long time (“No Need to Argue” in London, “Not Sorry” in Barcelona)… for the greatest pleasure of the fans.

“Analyse”, “Animal Instinct”, “How”, “Empty” and “Put Me Down” were also back on the setlist, while “Fire & Soul”, “Dreaming My Dreams” and “Still Can’t…” were out.

Empty – Madrid 2012

Which “oldie” do you think the band will revive next?

Surprising setlist in Barcelona

October 5, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries continued to surprise fans with their setlist tonight in Barcelona. Catalans were up for a treat tonight… after “No Need to Argue” in London Tuesday, the band revived “Not Sorry”, another song which was not played in a long time

“Not Sorry” – Barcelona 2012

The band also included back “Desperate Andy” and “Promises”. There was also some major changes to the setlist order, starting off the night with “Just My Imagination”, “When You’re Gone” and “Losing My Mind”.

The Crans also performed a total of 6 songs from “Roses”, more than on any other show since the release of the album.

Here’s the complete Barcelona setlist:

Just My Imagination
When You’re Gone
Losing My Mind
Free to Decide
Ordinary Day
Dreaming My Dreams
Still Can’t…
Desperate Andy
I Can’t Be With You
Animal Instinct Shattered (instrumental)
Fire & Soul
Not Sorry
Show Me
Ridiculous Thoughts
Schizophrenic Playboys
The Journey No Need to Argue


Thanks to Fanberries and Albert for the setlist info!

Concert Live re-releases 3 “Reunion Tour” concerts

October 4, 2012  |  Comments Off on Concert Live re-releases 3 “Reunion Tour” concerts  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

Concert Live, which brought us live recordings from 9 European venues of the “Reunion Tour 2010”, is releasing 3 remastered Limited Edition 2-CD sets of the London, Paris and Milano concerts. Each set are numbered 1 to 100. You can buy them on the Live Concert website £15 each, £25 for two. (no longer available)

Live 2010 Limited Edition 100 copies

Concert Live also released a 3-CD set of this week’s London show. The Caen (France) concert, which will take place next month, will also get the live treatment. Both shows are/will be available on the Live Concert website for £20 each.

Band changes setlist; Dolores, her hair color!

October 2, 2012  |  4 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries started the European leg of their “Roses Tour” tonight at the Hammersmith Apollo in London with some surprises for fans.

 A newly blond Dolores tonight in London

The show started with the lastest album opener “Conduct”. The band played a total of 5 tracks from the “Roses” album including “Fire & Soul” for the first time ever. Other songs from the album are “Tomorrow”, “Losing My Mind” and “Schizophrenic Playboys”. “Show Me” was included on the setlist next to “The Journey” but for unknown reason was not played.

“Fire & Soul” – London 2012

“Losing My Mind” – London 2012

The greatest surprise of the night was nonetheless than the title track from the second album “No Need to Argue”. The band have not played this song since… a very long time. Let’s hope for more surprises like this along the tour!

“No Need To Argue” – London 2012

Two songs from Dolores’ solo albums were included, “Ordinary Day” and “The Journey”. The Cranberries also played an instrumental version of “Shattered” between “I Can’t Be With You” and “Waltzing Back” as Dolores took time backstage for a wardrobe change.

Concert Live recorded the audio of tonight’s show and sold a 3-CD set on site at the end. For the others, you can buy a 2-CD set directly on their website (the encore will be included on CD2, unlike if you bought it on-site). The band will release a second live audio recording next month (Caen, France).

London setlist:

You And Me
Ordinary Day
Just My Imagination
Dreaming My Dreams
Still Can’t…
Losing my mind
When You’re Gone
Shattered (Instrumental)
Waltzing back
Fire & Soul
Free To Decide
Schizophrenic Playboys
Ridiculous thoughts
No Need to Argue
The Journey


Thanks to Fanberries and Stéphane (from Pretty Dolores) for confirmation of the setlist.

Twenty years of “Dreams”

September 29, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries first single, “Dreams”, was released 20 years ago on this day. In celebration of this anniversary, here are some memorable (an less memorable -Dario G, really?!-) versions of this classic.

1991 – Dave Fanning Session


1992 – First video version


1993 – Second video version


1993 – Third video version


1994 – Live at London Astoria II


1994 – Faye Wong – Dream Lover – Cantonese cover


1994 – Live at Woodstock ’94


1999 – Beneath The Skin DVD – Paris


2000 – Dario G feat. Ingfrid Straumstøyl – Dream to Me


2007 – Dolores O’ Riordan solo – acoustic version 

Romanian show gets cool promotion

September 28, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Jury  |  The Cranberries

Here’s some pretty cool video from București (Bucharest), Romania, showing really huge screens with the advertisement of The Cranberries gig which will take place at Romexpo Pavilionul Central on October 11th.

The Cranberries on giant screen in București

If you have any nice banners or other ad for The Cranberries concerts in your city, let us know.

London and Caen shows to be recorded

September 27, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

Concert Live, who brought us a series of live CDs in 2010, will offer new recordings of our favorite band this autumn. The London, England (Oct. 2) and Caen, France (Nov. 10) shows will be available at the venue and on the internet afterwards. You can preorder your copy on the Concert Live website.

Each CD-set is priced at £20.00. It will be a 3-CD set if you buy at the venue (3rd CD delivered blank for the encore to burn yourself afterwards) or a 2-CD set if you buy online (encore included on CD 2).

Live 2012 – CD artwork

In 2010, Concert Live and The Cranberries offered fans a series of 9 recordings taken from some European venues of the “Reunion Tour” (London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon, Milano, Bercelona, Madrid, Nantes). The Paris show was also released in music stores and on iTunes afterwards while many songs (not all) of the Madrid show were included on this year “Roses Special Edition”.

Let’s hope that the band has a few surprises for theses shows (more songs from Roses, a couple of oldies which have not been played in a long time, a new song, a cover song…) for the fans to have a completely different live-CD experience from the 2010 series.

Beograd show changes venue

September 25, 2012  |  Comments Off on Beograd show changes venue  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries’ show in Beograd (Belgrade) on December 4th will no longer take place at Beogradska Arena as planned.
According to the arena’s website the show will now take place at the Hala Sportova due to the presentation of the 2012 European Women’s Handball Championship at the Beogradska Arena.

Thanks to Nexberry for the info!

The Cranberries start rehearsing for upcoming tour

September 25, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries are in London to rehearse for their upcoming European leg of the “Roses Tour”.
The band will perform its first concert since May at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on October 2nd. They will tour throughout Europe until December 9th.

Rehearsals in London – Photo credit: Noel Hogan Public Facebook

The Cranberries official fan community just reopened

September 22, 2012  |  6 Comments  |  by Jury  |  The Cranberries

Great news for the fans: The Cranberries Official Community site reopened today.
Both the band’s and Dolores’ fan communities closed in June and, according to a spokeperson from the band team, The Cranberries originally planned to use their Facebook page for communication with fans. But it seems like the band members or their management changed their mind and now fans can communicate with each other again using the good old way. Will it last forever… time will tell.
It should be noted that Dolores’ fan community remains closed.

Niall Quinn talks about The Cranberries

September 9, 2012  |  Comments Off on Niall Quinn talks about The Cranberries  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

In an interview on BCR 92.6’s “The Lookout”, Niall Quinn (The Cranberry Saw Us first lead singer) talked about his short time with the band in the late 80’s/early 90’s and how he was accidentally involved with Dolores meeting the 3 boys.

I don’t know who was auditioning who because nobody knew anything about each other. We played some of the songs from what had been The Cranberry Saw Us at that time and she sang a couple of Sinead O’ Connor songs. We were jaw-dropping at her voice, because it was obviously very good.

Niall also talked about his new solo project “Theme Tune Boy”, his former band “The Hitchers” and the music scene in Limerick.

Listen to the interview on the BC Radio’s website (no longer available)
Select September 7th show.
Niall’s interview starts at 27:00

Thanks to Carmen for the info.

Vote for Angus Stone’s cover of “Dreams” now

September 3, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

As reported a few days ago, Guinness Australia is asking you to vote for your favorite Angus Stone cover, “Dreams” by The Cranberries or “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice.

The song with the most votes will be released on Arthur’s Guinness Day (September 28th), one day before Dreams 20th release date anniversary. Let’s try to celebrate this anniversary the Irish way: Listening to “Dreams” with a Guinness!

Will you vote for “Dreams” or “Blower’s Daughter” 🙂

Listen to a short sample on Guinness Australia’s FB and vote for “Dreams” by clicking the like button here.

Arthur’s Day on Guinness Australia’s Facebook

Guinness Australia to release a cover version of “Dreams”

August 30, 2012  |  2 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

On September 3rd, Guinness Australia will release on Facebook a cover version of The Cranberries first single “Dreams” recorded by Aussie singer Angus Stone.

The Australian artist was commissioned to record covers of two classic Irish tracks (“Dreams” by The Cranberries and “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice) to celebrate Arthur’s (Guinness) Day on September 28th. People will be asked to vote for their favorite cover and whichever song gets the most votes Angus will release and will donate the proceeds of the two songs to SurfAid, a charity helping to improve the health and educational opportunities of people in Indonesia.

Although Angus Stone said to prefer his Damien Rice cover, let’s try to make Dreams win! Results will be revealed on September 28th, one day before Dreams’ 20th release date anniversary. (pure coincidence!)

Check out the Guinness Australia Facebook page on September 3rd for more details.
(link no longer available)

Song of the day: “Won’t Leave No More”

August 26, 2012  |  2 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World features a Mono Band song every day of this special week. Today’s the last day and we end this special week with the latest Mono Band track “Won’t Leave No More” featuring Fin Chambers.

Mono Band – “Won’t Leave No More”

In 2011, Noel brought Mono Band back to life by working on 5 new songs, three of them (“Waking Up all Over”, “Won’t Leave No More”, “Your Broken State”) confirmed to have been recorded with vocalist Fin Chambers. “Won’t Leave No More” was released on a charity compilation entitled “Life Support” in April 2012. “Life Support” is a compilation of exclusive tracks from some of the Ireland’s finest artists in aid of the Pieta House, a suicide and self-harm crisis centre located in Limerick.

Fin Chambers

Fin Chambers is the former lead singer of Irish band Woodstar. In 2005, he contributed two songs with Mono Band: “Release” (Mono Band album) and “She’s So Blue” (a free download track available on Mono Band’s official website at the time).

The CD version of “Life Support” is available on Delphi label while the digital version can be found on Band Camp.

Song of the day: “Black Hair”

August 25, 2012  |  Comments Off on Song of the day: “Black Hair”  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World features a Mono Band song every day of this special week. Today’s pick is none other than “Black Hair” featuring Richard Walters.
(OK, this one is kind of an Arkitekt song)

Arkitekt – “Black Hair”

The “Black Hair” demo was first posted as a Mono Band song on the Mono Band MySpace page in February 2006. It was later offered for purchase on Indiestore in June 2006, also as a Mono Band track. The final version, produced by Bernard Butler, was released in October 2007 on Arkitekt’s “Black Hair” EP.

Richard Walters and Noel Hogan

In 2011, Richard Walters released a new version of the track on his second album “Pacing”. Richard Walters was the main Mono Band/Arkitekt contributor over the years. In 2007, Noel and him continued working together under the band name Arkitekt, which was more guitar-oriented and less electronica. Two years later, Walters released his first solo album “The Animal” then “Pacing” in 2011 and the “Young Trees” EP later that same year. Richard is about to release a new album “Regret Less” which is now available as a pre-release on

Song of the day: “Hollow Man”

August 24, 2012  |  2 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World features a Mono Band song every day of this special week. Today’s song is none other than “Hollow Man” featuring Nicolas Leroux.

Mono Band – “Hollow Man”

The song, which was also registered to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers database (ASCAP) as “No Crisis Allowed”, is the only Nicolas Leroux track on the Mono Band album, although the French singer and songwriter is known to have work on a second track.

Nicolas Leroux

Nicolas Leroux was the lead singer of French band Overhead, which released “Silent Witness” in 2002. The French vocalist also pursue his singing career as The Fugitive Kind.

“Harder Than You Think” exclusive 40-second audio clip revealed

August 24, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

The mystery is over: here is an exclusive 40-second audio clip of Mono Band’s never-before-heard-of track called “Harder Than You Think” and featuring a brand new collaborator, Evi Vine. The audio clip, kindly offered by Noel himself for Cranberries World’s “Mono Band Week”, is the second of two unreleased tracks which are being revealed to fans for the first time ever!

Note that CW does not have the whole track!

Mono Band – “Harder Than You Think”

Few information about this collaboration have been revealed yet. It is unclear whether this song was part of the 2005 Mono Band album recordings or one of the new track Noel has worked on. (Evi confirmed that the track was recorded “a long time ago”.)

Evi Vine

Evi Vine is a singer/songwriter emerging from the UK’s underground music scene. Her debut album “…And So The Morning Comes” was released in April 2011.

Song of the day: “Miss P”

August 23, 2012  |  Comments Off on Song of the day: “Miss P”  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World features a Mono Band song every day of this special week. Today’s song is none other than “Miss P” featuring Alexandra Hamnede. The song was produced by Noel Hogan, Matt Vaughan and Stephen Street. Also remixed by Steve Hillier and Ming & FS.

Mono Band – “Miss P”

Swedish singer Alexandra Hamnede co-wrote four songs on the 2005 “Mono Band” album, more than any other artists featured on this album. Throughout her career she has done a considerable amount of studio work, both as a lead and backup singer. She will be featured on one track (“Seriously”) on Afterlife’s new album “The White Island” to be released in September.

Alexandra Hamnede

You can buy the “Run Wild” CD-single (which also features the original version and Steve Hillier mix of “Miss P”) and the “Mono Band” album from the Gohan Records website. Both releases are also available as a digital download on the Gohan Records website and on most iTunes stores. Both remixes of “Miss P” are available on the iTunes version of Mono Band’s “Remixes“album.

Song of the day: “Crazy”

August 22, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World features a Mono Band song every day of this special week. Today’s song is none other than “Crazy” featuring Kate Havnevik.

Mono Band – “Crazy”

The song is one of the highlight of the 2005 “Mono Band” album according to many reviews. A demo version of the song was released as a free download on Kate Havnevik’s website in April 2006. The song was also performed live by Alexandra Hamnede on several Mono Band shows.

Kate Havnevik

Norwegian singer Kate Havnevik performed with acts such as Röyksopp (“Only This Moment”) before releasing her first solo album “Melankton” in 2006. The first part of her follow up album “You” was released earlier this year while the second part is set to hit the stores this autumn.

The 2005 Mono Band album, which features “Crazy” can be ordered on the Gohan Records website. The release is also available as a digital download on the Gohan Records website and on most iTunes stores.

ʺFlameʺ exclusive 40-second audio clip revealed

August 22, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

The wait is over: Exclusive 40-sec audio clip of Mono Band’s “Flame” featuring Kate Havnevik is here.
The audio clip, kindly offered by Noel Hogan for Cranberries World’s “Mono Band Week” is the first of two unreleased tracks which are being revealed to fans for the first time ever! Let’s hope for a full official release sometime in the near future.

Note that CW does not have the whole track!

Mono Band – “Flame”

“I did record a track with Kate called Flame explained Noel Hogan to in February 2006. “It was part of the first sessions I did with Kate, I think we did three or four tracks together. I am sure I will get around to using them at some stage.”

On November 26, 2007 the website revealed that two previously unreleased tracks [‘Flame’ and ‘Angels’] featuring Kate Havnevik on vocals were being mixed by Noel and would be available for download soon after that… but the downloads never appeared.

Then, on March 15, 2011 Noel wrote on Twitter “Listening to a new mix of Mono Band Flame by Session Leopard. Really liking it, will have it online soon.”
This version also remains unreleased up to this date.

Song of the day: “Brighter Sky” [Ming & FS Remix]

August 21, 2012  |  Comments Off on Song of the day: “Brighter Sky” [Ming & FS Remix]  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World features a Mono Band song every day of this special week. Today’s song is “Brighter Sky” [Ming & FS Remix] featuring Soname Yangchen.

Mono Band – “Brighter Sky” – Ming & FS Remix

“Brighter Sky” was aslo remixed by Steve Hillier, Lovesky and Stuhr. The orginal version of the song was produced by Noel Hogan, Matt Vaughan and Marius DeVries.

“I went with a different sound on ‘Brighter Sky’ because I needed to do something unlike anything I had ever done before. I knew at the time I wanted to take a different direction in the writing, I had been writing this way for many years, so it was more for myself then anything else. I was doing the best I could to get away from the sound that people were used to hearing from me, this is also the reason the track was put first on the album” told Noel Hogan in 2005.

Soname Yangchen

Soname Yangchen was born in Tibet and now lives in England. She performed with acts such as Zero 7 and the Asian Dub Foundation. She released two solo albums, “Unforgettable Land” (2006) and “Plateau” (2009).

All Mono Band remixes are available on the digital release of “Remixes” on iTunes. A signed limited edition vinyl featuring “Miss P” (Steve Hillier Mix), “Brighter Sky” (Steve Hillier Mix), “Brighter Sky” (Lovesky Mix), “Brighter Sky” (original version – Marius De Vries Mix) is also available on the Gohan Records website.

Song of the day: “Waves”

August 20, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World will feature a Mono Band song every day of this special week. We start off today with “Waves” featuring Richard Walters.

Mono Band – “Waves” – The sole live performance on TV

“Waves” was the first single released from the 2005 “Mono Band” album.
“A big influence for this track came from listening to an album by Stina Nordenstam called ‘And She Closed Her Eyes’. I have always been a big fan of this album, I hadn’t heard it for ages and then when I was in the middle of recording the album I started listening to the album again. The result was Waves” told Noel Hogan in 2005.

The song, produced by Noel Hogan, Matt Vaughan and Stephen Street also features drums by Cranberries member Fergal Lawler.

Richard Walters was the main Mono Band/Arkitekt contributor over the years. In 2007, Noel and him continued working together under the band name “Arkitekt”. Two years later, Walters released his first solo album “The Animal” then “Pacing” in 2011 (which features new versions of his Arkitekt collaboration with Noel) and the “Young Trees” EP later that same year. Richard is about to release a new album “Regret Less” which is now available as a pre-release on

You can buy the “Waves” CD-single and the 2005 “Mono Band” album from the Gohan Records website. Both releases are also available as digital downloads on the Gohan Records website and on most iTunes stores.

Poll: Your favorite “Mono Band” (2005) song

August 20, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

Tell Cranberries World which of the 12 songs from the 2005 “Mono Band” album is your favorite.

Which 'Mono Band' album track is your favorite?

  • Waves (feat. Richard Walters) (29%, 9 Votes)
  • Brighter Sky (feat. Soname Yangchen) (16%, 5 Votes)
  • Hollow Man (feat. Nicolas LeRoux) (16%, 5 Votes)
  • Crazy (feat. Kate Havnevik) (13%, 4 Votes)
  • Home (feat. Richard Walters) (10%, 3 Votes)
  • Release (feat. Fin Chambers) (6%, 2 Votes)
  • Why? (feat. Alexandra Hamnede) (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Invitation (feat. Alexandra Hamnede) (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Miss P (feat. Alexandra Hamnede) (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Run Wild (feat. Alexandra Hamnede) (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Indecisive (feat. Richard Walters) (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Coyotes & Helicopters (feat. Angie Hart) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 31

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Mono Band Week starts tomorrow

August 19, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

Starting tomorrow Monday, Cranberries World will celebrate Noel Hogan’s side projects with the “Mono Band Week”. And we have a few surprises along the way…

New information about Noel’s side projects will be added to the Cranberries World site over the next week and a theme will be featured every day. We’ll start off the “Mono Band Week” Monday with the 2005 eponymous release. On Tuesday, it will be all about the Mono Band remixes. Then, we will post information about demos and other digital releases (Wednesday), concerts (Thursday), promo performances and unreleased songs (Friday), Arkitekt (Saturday) and the 2011/2012 Mono Band rebirth (Sunday).

Our “Mono Band Week” starts tomorrow

Speaking of unreleased songs, Noel himself was kind enough to provide us with 40-second audio clips of two unreleased songs (actually, he sent us three, but one of them was “She So Blue”, which was already released as a free digital download in 2005). So be sure to visit our site every day or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be the first listeners of these two never-before-heard audio clips. One of the two tracks is performed by a vocalist featured on the first Mono Band album, the second one features a brand new singer (and no, it is not the Eagle-Eye Cherry track!)

Poll: Which “Roses” track should be the next single? + promo ideas (UPDATED)

August 10, 2012  |  9 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

As The Cranberries will take off the European leg of the “Roses Tour” this Autumn, CW is asking you which track of the new album should be the next single. Note that “Tomorrow”, “Raining in My Heart”, “Waiting in Walthamstow” and “Show Me” were not included as these tracks were already sent to radio, at least in some countries.

Speaking of promotion of the upcoming shows in Europe, why not ask Cooking Vinyl -The Cranberries record company- to take advantage of this tour and release a complete session edition of “Roses” which could include the 6 bonus tracks (“Always”, “In It Together”, “Perfect World”, “Serendipity”, “Someday”, “Stop Me”) and a couple of the acoustic tracks (“There Is A Light…”, “Tomorrow”, “Raining in My Heart”, “Roses”…) the band performed on radio since January. Remember that many fans were disappointed this Winter not to have this material on a good old CD.

Do you have any ideas to promote the album and the tour for the upcoming months? Share them with us!


Unfortunately we had to delete this poll as we found out that one of the site visitor voted for “Schizophrenic Playboys” on multiple occasions. Since the results did not reflect the opinion of the Cran-community (1 vote by visitor), we prefer not to show them on the site. Remember that those polls are made just for fun, to get a clearer view of what the Cran-community likes best. This is not a competition to get your favorite song, album or other answers in first place. Next polls will be done by email for a better control of the votes. Thanks to other visitors for their vote and support.

“Raining in My Heart” promo CD: most probably real

August 6, 2012  |  Comments Off on “Raining in My Heart” promo CD: most probably real  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

As reported 2 days ago, a “Raining in My Heart” promo CD-single surfaced on eBay in the last week.
This CD is anything but fake!
The promo CD was released by the Lindsey Holmes Publicity agency (LHP) from Dublin.
This agency is in charge of the band’s promotion in Ireland.
The single was also played a couple of times on Ireland national radio station RTÉ.

“Raining in My Heart” promo CD-single surfaces

August 4, 2012  |  2 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

As The Cranberries are on their Summer holiday, another promo CD appeared on eBay, this time “Raining in My Heart”. Two months ago a promo CD-single for “Waiting in Walthamstow” was also on sale on the auction website. More copies surfaced since then. “Waiting in Walthamstow” was intented for the U.K. market. As for “Raining in My Heart” both copies on eBay come from Dublin, Ireland.

Promo CD as appeared on eBay. Probably front and back of the sheet + CD-R  

Fake or real… What do you think? Was a promo campaign for RIMH planned before Dolores decided to take a break from touring? For info, remember that “Raining in My Heart” was aired on several radio stations in Italy last March.

Noel on Smart Arts: “I didn’t really think we could go very far because we come from Limerick”

July 29, 2012  |  Comments Off on Noel on Smart Arts: “I didn’t really think we could go very far because we come from Limerick”  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band, The Cranberries

Noel Hogan reflected on his pre-stardom years as a musician and meeting Dolores at the Xeric studios on his “Smart Arts” series interview.

“Lots of songs from the first album were just instrumentals for months and months [before we met Dolores]” explained Hogan.

Hogan spoke about the first album’s slow start and empty venues in the UK until “Linger” became a hit in the USA.

Noel also spoke about The Cranberries hiatus and his Mono Band project. “I started getting interested into other things, listening to other people -what they were playing and doing- and I kinda thought ‘You know this is more interesting to me than what were are doing’. I could see how you could make electronics stuff with guitars and it kinda interest me a lot.”

Noel finished up the interview talking about his work as a producer and The Cranberries reunion.

You can listen to the whole interview here, thanks to ciaranryanproduction2 on Soundcloud

Noel in the latest issue of “Hot Press”

July 13, 2012  |  7 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band, The Cranberries

Noel Hogan is featured in a one-page article entitled “Hogan’s Run” in the latest issue of the Irish magazine Hot Press. Here’s a picture of the article provided by Noel himself on his public Facebook page. If anyone has a clearer scan don’t hesitate to share it with us.

SPIN South West: Noel’s interview moved to July 27th

July 13, 2012  |  Comments Off on SPIN South West: Noel’s interview moved to July 27th  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band, The Cranberries

Noel Hogan’s interview on SPIN South West Radio has moved.
Tune in on SPIN web radio player at 2:15 pm to 2:35 pm (Ireland time zone) Friday, July 27th.

SPIN South West sets out to prove that the South West contains some of Ireland’s most creative individuals, with a new arts/culture series “Smart Arts” that starts this coming Friday, June 29th. Over five consecutive Fridays, everything from knitwear design to literature to film-making and design to rock and pop stardom will all be covered in this profiling series.
The Cranberries and guitarist Noel Hogan speaks to SPIN on July 27th. Ever wonder who was beyond the album cover for DJ Shadow’s seminal hip-hop record Entroducing? None other than Limerick’s Brian Cross, aka B+, who has spent the past two decades in LA, writing, filming, photographing, and djing, and is featured on the July 20th edition of “Smart Arts”.

Source: Noel Hogan Public Facebook

Noel Hogan in interview next month (UPDATED)

June 29, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band, The Cranberries

Noel Hogan published yesterday on his public Facebook a message to announce his upcoming interview on Ireland’s SPIN South West Radio (94.7 FM) next July 13th for the Smart Arts series.
Tune in on SPIN web radio player at 2:15 pm to 2:35 pm on Friday, July 13th.


New date, July 27th, for the upcoming interview at SPIN South West radio. Below the new message published yesterday on Noel’s Facebook:

SPIN South West sets out to prove that the South West contains some of Ireland’s most creative individuals, with a new arts/culture series “Smart Arts” that starts this coming Friday, June 29th. Over five consecutive Fridays, everything from knitwear design to literature to film-making and design to rock and pop stardom will all be covered in this profiling series.
The Cranberries and guitarist Noel Hogan speaks to SPIN on July 27th. Ever wonder who was beyond the album cover for DJ Shadow’s seminal hip-hop record Entroducing? None other than Limerick’s Brian Cross, aka B+, who has spent the past two decades in LA, writing, filming, photographing, and djing, and is featured on the July 20th edition of “Smart Arts”.

Refund requests via Ticketmaster for European shows

June 15, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

It seems numerous fans who bought tickets for the London show and Spanish shows on Ticketmaster ( /.es) are struggling to receive a refund as they live abroad. Some reported they emailed and called Ticketmaster but never got any answer!

Please, do feel free to let us a comment if you know anything about Ticketmaster’s refunds so we can know how many people are concerned and how to help them.
If you’re English, Spanish or from anywhere else but you do know how to obtain an answer from Ticketmaster or how to get a refund, we’d be grateful if you could share your experience to help those who are meeting difficulties.


Roses European leg slightly changed

June 15, 2012  |  Comments Off on Roses European leg slightly changed  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

Following the recent official announcement, the European Roses Tour has been modified.

A couple of dates have been added:
– București (Romania) on 2012.10.11 @ Polyvalent Hall
– Bratislava (Slovakia) on 2012.10.13 @ Incheba Arena *Rescheduled from 2012.06.24

French fans should be careful though because two dates have been rescheduled:
– Beauvais (France) on 2012.12.08 @ L’Elispace *Rescheduled from 2012.11.08
– Montbéliard (France) on 2012.12.09 @ L’Axone *Rescheduled from 2012.11.13

It seems there’s “more to come soon”


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